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Ukash was founded in 2001 in the United Kingdom, starting its operations in 2005. In 2015, all payment vouchers expired, allowing PaySafeCard to prepare the closure of Ukash. In 2016, the system completely ceased to exist.

Until its closure, online casinos accepting Ukash were very popular in the CIS,  South Africa, and Latin America, making it possible for players from Auatrlia to use the system with certain limitations.

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How Does Ukash Casino Australia Work?

Ukash is one of the few ways to make anonymous payments. The system does not require customers to provide personal information when making transfers. Payment is made using vouchers – a code of nineteen characters.

Ukash is a transfer system in which customers do not receive a personal account for storing funds. The system distributed vouchers, which were a kind of electronic banknotes of different denominations. Ukash casinos, correspondingly, work by accepting such vouchers when players enter their codes.

Ukash was also used as a gift for a birthday or other event. It was enough to buy a more beautiful gift card and the lucky recipient could use it wherever it suited her.

Main Features of Ukash Friendly Online Casinos

Each code received had a certain value (but not more than 750 dollars); the funds on it were stored in a certain currency. Each voucher was valid for only one year. If you replenish the Australian Ukash mobile casino for an amount less than the amount for which the voucher was issued, you receive a new code for the remaining amount.

The disadvantage of the system was the possibility of losing the code, which could lead to the loss of funds. At the same time, there was no possibility of code recovery or refund.

How to Deposit Money at Ukash Casino Sites

You can buy a Ukash voucher in the currency of the country in which it was issued. Its validity period from the date of purchase will be 12 months.

If you have a voucher of this payment system, replenishing your online casino account for real money will not take you much time and will not cause problems. You will only need to specify the 19-digit code of your voucher. This is enough for confirmation, and the deposit is ready.

In other words, online casino deposit payment with Ukash works in the same way as with PaySafeCard. Unlike PaySafeCard, Ukash can be used in some casinos as a win payment method. Unfortunately, if we use PaySafeCard, this is not possible. Ukash has made it easy for everyone to make transactions with its intuitive website design, which provides easy access to all the basic functions.

The payment process can be summarized as follows:

  1. Sign into the Ukash online casino and pick this option as your preferred payment method.
  2. Decide on the amount to deposit and confirm.
  3. After being redirected to the Ukash account, pick an account payment option.
  4. Once the account is chosen, they are redirected to the casino’s website to complete the payment.

Casinos with Ukash do it right, not forbidding to pay part of the cost of the voucher, because the player can simply leave the casino and go to another. However, the conditions also depend on the Ukash online casino, so study the terms and policies carefully.

Having paid a partial amount of the full cost of the voucher, the client receives an email report and information that the code has been changed to another.

It is worth remembering that when paying, you should enter the following values: the minimum deposit amount, the voucher number, the full value of the voucher, and the amount of partial payment.

How to Withdraw Money from Ukash Casinos

The Ukash online casino system does not imply withdrawal of funds, although you can replenish the deposit without any problems. It is also possible to send winning amounts to your bank account, which is a proven and reliable way.

To successfully make all the necessary financial transactions, experts advise to carefully read the rules of the casino with Ukash – some of them transfer money only to those services from which deposit was made, and in this case, it is better to choose other casinos allowing to make transfers to other payment systems. Ukash in this case can serve as an additional service.

Why Choose the Best Ukash Casinos

The biggest advantage of this payment system was the lack of registration. The user did not need to set up an account to be able to use Ukash. It was enough to find the nearest shopping center and purchase a voucher for cash. The manufacturer helped users to find the nearest outlet using the card on the website. Moreover, after entering the code, the player got access to the balance. If they did not want to use the entire amount on a specific game in the casino, they could get another code and use the second part of the money at another time. The previous card was valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Safety and Security at Ukash Casinos

Before the transfer of rights to PaySafeCard, the payment system belonged to the British company Smart Voucher, which paid great attention to the security of its system. When all the necessary information was collected, a page with recommendations appeared on the official website, which is intended to warn all customers. Using the knowledge gained, customers could minimize the risk of losing funds. One of the recommendations was a request to use codes to pay only for trusted places, so the best Ukash casinos have always had a large customer base.

Codes from purchased vouchers are recommended to keep secret – do not tell anyone and do not send them by mail or share in social networks.

You should perform financial procedures only at the facilities listed on the Ukash website and nowhere else, as they are outlets verified by the system.

Exchange of several vouchers with small denomination to one or other operations with checks should be carried out only with the help of Ukash Tools.  

Time-Tested Ukash Gambling Sites

Find trusted and generous casinos in the list below with Ukash payment method.

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What is the fee for Ukash transfers?

The system has a grace period. During one year after registration and identification of the account, the client does not pay transaction fees. At the end of this period, a fee of $2 monthly is charged for account maintenance.

What are the available currencies to store in Ukash?

21 currencies were available, including dollars, euros, and EU national currencies.

How quickly are payments processed at a Ukash Casino Australia?

Deposits are made instantly. Payments can be credited up to 24 hours.

What casinos accept Ukash?

The list of Ukash casino sites was presented on this website. You can still find them but the system is inactive since 2016.